A Scoop! The Frontliner Image!

I want to thank a reader Johnathan for the scoop of the month. There are 2 images from the 4 of the Frontliner stamp issue (Barisan Hadapan). Where else but beside Tan Sri Dr Noor Hashim Abdullah’s desk!

Here is a Nurse:

Here is the image in case the original link does not work.

Here is another of a doctor:

If you look closely, it seems that the stamps is a collage of smaller stamps featuring a “portrait” type of profile.

So we are down by 2. I am guessing the police or military is another probably stamp.

The title is “Barisan Hadapan COVID-19” (COVID-19 Frontliners).

What do you think of the design? Excited?

I want to thank readers who continue to look out for information. It helps us to plan ahead.