Full Palindrome and Ambigram Date 22.02.2022 / 22.2.22 (22022022 / 22222)

Get your letters ready!!! Tomorrow is an awesome full palindrome and ambigram date! What are these?

Palindrome are what we call radar number locally. I.e. the number is the same when read from backward to forward and vice-versa.

Ambigram however is a rare occurrence when you have zeros, ones, twos, threes, fives and eights! The number is the same when you rotate it 180 degrees!

Here is an illustration (I rotated the image on the top and you can see the arrow is now downwards but it reads the same):

Excited? Get your envelopes ready!

Note: Technically there was a minor palindrome, ambigram and repdigit (triple awesome) date on 2.2.22 but all post offices were closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Here are other cool palindrome dates for the rest of the year:



22.5.22 (also minor ambigram)



22.8.22 (also minor ambigram)


22.11.22 (also minor ambigram)

As there are post offices that open 7 days a week and with a combination of different states, should be able to get most of them this year!

ps: Enjoy a clip of the 22:22:22 on 22.2.22 Happy Twosday: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/UAJL8wwmtMY



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