More Details of the Next Issue: 17 March 2022 Endangered Wildlife

The poster just came out later in the day and the image was clearer.

From what can be seen, the designs are:

  1.  50 sen x 2 (Spiny Turtle (Kura-kura Duri Bukit) and Stump-tailed Macaque (Beruk Kentoi))
  2.  80 sen x 2 (Asian/Oriental Small Clawed Otter (Memerang Kecil) and Banded Broadbill (Takau Rimba))
  3.  Miniature Sheet RM 5 (Malayan Tiger (Harimau Malaya)) – UV spot printing, special die cut and octagonal shaped stamp

It is believe that the setenants will again be from SODA FDCs.




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