An Expedition into the Jungle in Search of Endangered Wildlife

Expedition log 17322….. wildlife spotted in an undisclosed location in the jungle in central Peninsular Malaysia. Time to pack up.

The day started sufficiently early. This time there were more conservationist preparing for their own expedition. As the supply base opened, the early ones started to pick up their own rations.

Spotted were some senior specialists as well as some long absent team members. The journey will be long. This time the ratios were better, no longer the notorious air sandwiches but peanut butter sandwiches and a flask of black coffee for sustenance.

First off to the river to look for the elusive otters. They have appeared before… just have to dig some old logs of a certain week down south.

The river was surprisingly quiet… .. done, found it! Now to head over to the hills. It was reported that the big cat was seen hiding further up the hilly terrain.

However the path to the hill was long and windy with lots of obstacles. It was a difficult trek to reach it.

It was rewarding as new tigers were found! It was a rare sight to behold. This is perhaps the best Tiger ever to appear!

Still there is the elusive Broadbill bird. Checking my briefing leaflet, it was mentioned it can be found on higher ground. Thus another climb to a higher hill is required. Time to start moving….

It was hard to spot as it was hidden around the hill…..

The day draws late. The hunger pangs gnawed at my poor stomach. Now for some provisions. Checking my compass, it was barely enough time to get into the subtropical jungle. Marking my map, I decided it was worth a try.  We can beat a path though the western coast. Time to get moving.

As the hills gave way to plains, the path became easier. The path was extremely long and seemed never ending. Time check was required at each point. The provisions ran out…. Guess we will only have a lunch-dinner combination tonight. Let’s press on…..

After traversing through more river crossings and a winding journey we reached the spot marked on the map. Time check… still possible. Let’s check out the jungle.

The expedition was long and arduous. Age is catching up. Hmmm the sun is setting and the ominous dark clouds are gathering. Time check… will I be able to make it back before the rains come? Not wanting to muse too long, the trek home began.

See you in the next expedition as I waved goodbye to my friends!


How was your own expedition?







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