06 April 2022: Latest 2022 Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule

Here is the long awaited next part of the tentative Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme. It seems that the Waterfall was a watershed moment that will only take place on 26 April 2022… also tentative. I need to put in my leave application again!

The Waterfalls will be an interesting issue as there are quite a number of famous waterfalls strewn around the country that not many are aware and they do not come out often on our stamps (try search the past stamps with prominent waterfalls… hint… Visit Malaysia…).

The Traditional Boats is a flash back of the past stamp issue in booklet format… hint hint again… Another adventure in the making???

Men’s headgear will probably cover various traditional head wears. But since this is a second issue in May…. may it come our?

50 Years of Malaysia’s First City – Kuala Lumpur will be much welcomed even though Kuala Lumpur as a city was on 01 February 2022. Better late than never.

So tidy up your calendar and keep in mind it is always tentative. You know the drill.





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