04 November 2022: Last Day of Counter Operations in Plaza Bangi Perdana (Bangi Gateway) Post Office

It was a flurry of rushed requests and arrangements when Mr Eric Ng sent the information on the last day of operations for the Plaza Bangi Perdana (Bangi Gateway) Post Office. Since the timing was too tight a few requests for assistance were posted in various Facebook groups in the hope of someone being able to help out. HELP!!!

It was very fortunate that a reader and collector, Mr Pil Pillal was able to head over to the post office yesterday (last day of operations) to prepare the covers. It is indeed nice to have help as it has become almost impossible with many last minute information that trickles in as and when we discover them. Thanks for both Mr Eric Ng and Mr Pil Pillai, the postal history can continue to be properly recorded.

Here is the post office on the last day of operations:

This is the inside of the post office:

Here is Mr Pil Pillai with the staff of Pos Malaysia:

Thank you for making it possible! Eric, your covers will be sent once it is nicely printed with the photo of the post office – courtesy of Mr Pil Pillai and my printer!

If anyone comes across the last day or opening of post offices notices, do drop myfdc a note in order to have the occasion philatelically recorded.

Tip: Opening of new post offices are usually in new malls or new townships. Closure of post offices are harder to know unless the notices are up.