06 June 2017: Festival Food Series 3 – Malay Food

06 June 2017: Festival Food Series 3 – Malay Food

The response was slower for this issue. As such there were adequate stocks to go around. However, there were more interest in the Reign of the Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV setenant sheets which was released on the same day in a special counter (counter 5). At least 500 sheets were made available in the morning which is more than sufficient. I am unable to verify the quantities for the afternoon as I have left the bureau before noon.

Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates and designer for the Festival Food Series did not disappoint the fans as he arrived at about 09:00 am to start the autograph session.

Of special interest was the release of the banners to promote the next issue, Malaysian Batik, on 20 June 2017.

More on the Malaysian Batik issue in my upcoming post.

Some concordant locations for this issue are: Kajang (satay), Taman Seraya (for Hari Raya) and Sungai Buloh (for the bamboo used for lemang). Melaka Raya is another great match.


Media Preview of the Festival Food Series – Malay Food

Media Preview of the Festival Food Series – Malay Food

The media preview was held in the Philatelic Bureau Headquarters in Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur on 02 June 2017. The session was well attended by the mainstream media.

This is the third in the series on Festival Food in Malaysia. The quantities issued are:

60 sen: 120,000 pieces (Raya Cake, Kuih Pelita, Jelly (Agar-agar))

80 sen and 90 sen: 100,000 pieces (Ketupat and Satay)

RM 5 Miniature Sheet: 30,000 pieces (Bamboo Sticky Rice (Lemang), Ketupat Palas, Rendang, Serunding)

50 sen empty envelope: 32,000 pieces (Kuih Kapit, Pineapple Tarts (Tat Nenas), Kuih Loyang (also known as Kuih Ros or Kuih Goyang), Kuih Siput, Bahulu, Arab Biscuits (Biskut Arab), Mung Bean Biscuits (Putu Kacang), Rempeyet Crackers (with peanuts and anchovies), Semperit Cookies with Batang Buruk, Kuih Bangkit and Dodol in the centre of the MS)

RM 6.00 empty folder: 1,800 pieces

All prices are before GST.

The folder will feature a die-cut traditional serving hood (tudung saji). As you can see from the picture, it has a good 3-D effect when viewed from a certain angle.

I am heading to the Ramadan Bazaar this evening for another Festival Food – Ramadan Bazaar Food for breaking of fast (berbuka puasa).




Next issue: 06 June 2017 Festival Food – Malay

Next issue: 06 June 2017 Festival Food – Malay

The next issue is planned to be released on 06 June 2017 featuring the third installment of the Festival Food Series. This time the issue will feature Malay Food and it nice coincides with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations at the end of the month.

The issue will comprise of 3 stamps (60 sen, 80 sen and 90 sen), a Miniature Sheet (RM 5.00) and an empty folder (RM 6.00). All prices before GST.

The design will feature:

60 sen: Cake with “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”, Pelita savoury and jelly

80 sen: Satay and Ketupat

90 sen: Lemang, Ketupat Palas, Rendang and Serunding

RM 5.00 (MS): Various savouries and cookies in a serving tray

Stay tuned for the official images.