16 July 2020: Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme

Today Pos Malaysia released an updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule:

It looks like we have a chance to recharge our wallets until 18 August 2020 for the recently launched Rukun Negara (National Principles) 50 Years. The eagerly awaited YDPA Series 4 has moved to 15 October 2020.

Added are:

  1. 125 Years Establishment of the Johor State Government Law
  2. Frontliner which will be very much appreciated in view of their exemplary contribution to the country
  3. Malaysia Pattern – I am still trying to guess???
  4. World’s Tallest Tree – Sabah is back!

Not seen in the list: Stamp Week 2020 – probably for the better as we are recovering from the COVID-19 situation.

If you wish to compare with the previous schedule: https://myfdc.me/2020/06/11/next-official-stamp-issue-18-june-2020-and-an-updated-malaysia-stamp-issue-schedule-programme/

Time to update your calendar again!