And the winner (The Mystery of the Missing Dots!) is…

The Mystery of the Missing Dots is quite intriguing. I have been collecting FDCs for so long but somehow missed it. Well the best explanation was provided by the winner.

The explanation is that the “cancel” (Malaysians call it the “chop”!) might be too shallow in some area (uneven depth). Thus when the person cancels the FDC, these variations will appear. These variations can also be caused by the uneven pressure when applying the cancel. Uneven inking can also be a contributing factor. In fact the rare FDC is where on a single cover, you can find “dots”, “no dots” and”partial dots” (composite variations)!

So the pre-requisite is that the date stamp format is in (Malaysian date format). If the date is written in words, you will not get this type of variation! Well, interested? Go back and check out your collection of FDCs. Maybe you will be lucky to find the composite variations.

If you find anything interesting, drop me a note! I would love to feature it (of course credit will be given to you)!

As we just celebrated World Heart Day (29 September 2012), which was also the date of the final reminder, I thought it fitting to give the World Heart Day FDC issued on 24 September 2000 as the prize! There is also another coincidence: The cancellation on World Heart Day 2000 has “dots” and “no dots” variations!

I am a fan of setenant stamps and as such I will buy quite a lot of FDCs and stamps for a setenant issue for my own collection. I went through all my FDCs for the World Heart Day issue and found ONE composite variation FDC! It has the “no dot”, “partial dot” and “dot” between the month and year! Have a look:

Oh, yes, and the winner is… J.L. Romero (a regular reader and specialist collector from Spain)! ¡Gracias por participar!