Updated: (TWO Days in Melaka) A Day in the Historic City of Melaka (Malacca)

07 October 2012: Literally a day as you will realise at the end of this posting! I managed to get my flight out from KL on Monday, so I drove south to the historic city to make special FDCs again (of course)! I came early to Melaka (Malacca) to try and get my hands on some special cancellations and the overprinted Miniature Sheets. The exhibition site is right smack in the UNESCO World Heritage enclave. The exhibition is held inside Balai Seni Lukis Melaka (left building in the photo).

The Pos Malaysia sales counter is the tent area opposite Balai Seni Lukis Melaka. Since it is a really hot area (pun intended), the actual sales was conducted inside the building that very afternoon! Click here for the 750 Years Melaka posting.

Well apparently, the launch was to be held at 03:00 pm behind the Maritime Museum (replica of Flora de la Mar) (or so we all thought!). I guess the scarcity of information (or misinformation) was the cause of collectors coming early only to be disappointed that the sales was in the afternoon. Many came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and Johor. Most collectors from Melaka turned up.

So here I am trapped in Melaka until late afternoon and what I am to do? It was a blessing as I then had a good chance to browse the exhibitons.

I particularly liked the Fraser’s Hill frames! Great job Mr. Ngoh!

As the day wore on and the launch was delayed time and again, collectors and dealers started to queue up under the scorching sun at the launch site. The cancellations were ONLY available at the launch site. We were all after the Mobile Post’s cancellation which is really going to be able on this very day. The Melaka Tree with a Mousedeer cancellation was not available (the image below is from the exhibition souvenir book available free for each visitor). I added the cachet cancellation, the Melaka official cancellation as well as Pos Bergerak Melaka (Melaka Mobile Post) cancellations on the Exhibition Souvenir Book.

Good news, these cancellations will be available in Melaka until this Saturday (13 October 2012) except for the Mobile Unit cancellation (that is the reason why we went all the way to Melaka on that particular day)!

Get this Exhibition Souvenir Book (free on Sunday, 07 October 2o12 and I hope for the other days as well):

Pos Malaysia again showed the more caring side by issuing queue numbers so that we can hide inside the Customs Museum (Muzium Kastam) just in front of the mobile unit. Staff from the Melaka General Post Office were attending to the mobile unit as well as inside Balai Seni Lukis Melaka.

Staff from the HQ Philatelic Bureau were also on site at Balai Seni Lukis Melaka to sell stamps, miniature sheets and full set folders. The special overprints are only sold by Melaka GPO and Philatelic Society of Malaysia (PSM). Let me give you a tip: Go to PSM counter. Even though there is a limit at both Melaka GPO counter and PSM counter, the queue is shorter at PSM (after my regular readers read this, I guess both counters will be packed).

The overprints will be sold each day. Thus the sales counters are limited the quantity sold per day. Sadly the local dealers are queuing early to get their hands on it. Anxious? Here’s the good news. There are some reserved for SODA members! The rest has been ordered by the regular dealers and only (I heard) 2,000 pieces are sold on site. Again, another unverified news (I heard from 2 different sources), the quantity printed is 10,000 piece. So that is not so bad. Everyone will have a chance to get the overprints.

In addition there is also a commemorative medallion on sale at PSM counter. Here are the visuals:

By the time the launch was actually held, it was already 06:40 pm!

Here is the Governer arriving at the launch site. Yup, I was that close.

And here is the Governer going down the podium to launch the Melaka 750 issue (stored inside the treasure chest!).

I did not wait for the treasure chest to be opened as the sales starts after this opening ceremony! Thank Pos Malaysia for the queue system! The response was great and the collectors were there into the night. Here is a picture of the mobile unit before the queue became serious! Muzium Kastam is just next to it.

I left Melaka at 08:00 pm!! At that time the queue was still very long! The staff were sporting enough to stay (I heard) until the crowd disperse!

I reached home at 10:30 pm!!! Tired but managed to make the specials. This is the regular FDC set of 3. I am not selling the Pos Malaysia FDC sets as you should be able to make these in most states. The problem is the overprinted MS.

Here is the Pos Bergerak Melaka cancellation:

I also made the special exhibition covers. I am offering this set as it is not found elsewhere in Malaysia and you cannot get the Mobile Post cancellation the next day!

And I found a “dash” and “no dash” variation on the cachet! (Very similar to the “dot” and “no dot” type of variation.) Look closely at “-7 – 13 OKTOBER 2012” and the regular at the bottom “7-13 OKTOBER 2012”.

Definitely a day in the historic city of Melaka!

Check out some of the stuff I managed to make at:

(1) Special set of 3 exhibition covers <sorry, sold out> NOTE: I had some requests for this set, I am trying to check if my friends are willing to sell. Please wait until Saturday (13 Oct 2012) when I get back to KL for more information. No promises at the moment as the Overprint MS on cover is quite hard to find. Updated: 1 more set left.

(2) Empty folder

(3) Miniature Sheet

(4) Title Block

(5) Sheetlet  <sorry, sold out>

or Search here (search term “Melaka 750”).

By the way the sales is used to finance my blogging and hobby and not as a full time business.

Can anyone share how was the situation today at Dayabumi or Balai Seni Lukis Melaka?

Postman’s Uniform issue: By the way, here is a heads up: Postman’s Uniform planned on 22 October 2012 (basically almost a switch with 750 Year Melaka issue date) will be made up of 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.00 stamps plus a RM 3.00 miniature sheet! The issue date is too close (too soon!).

UPDATED: 14 October 2012

I returned to Melaka just to make the complete exhibition cancellations. The trip to Melaka was slow as there was a bad accident in the morning near Seremban (heading south).

The crowd today was thin. I found out that the PSM limited edition envelopes are sold out! Well, I guess that would be natural since the Pos Malaysia envelopes were re-ordered from KL HQ 3 times (as explained by the Melaka GPO staff).

My family helped me look for envelopes when I was away. They had to go all around KL to get only a few (most post offices have about 10 pieces).

Since the crowd was thin, I went a few times to get some envelopes and overprint MS.

So I sat down and planned out how to get all the cancels into the FDC! I suggest to the organisers that future exhibitions should have only one cancel per day. This time there are too many cancels!

Here is the cancellation station:

This is a really nice framed collection!

Anyway I managed to make non-first day First Day Covers! Go figure that out!

The trip back was wet wet wet! It was pouring on the way back to KL and the traffic jam as I reached KL was horrible. Well for the love of queuing and “chopping”! That’s what collectors do I guess!

I made some new stuff. Just check out my eBay listings. Search “Melaka 750”.

UPDATED: 22 October 2012

The order forms for overprints for SODA members have not been released yet (soon). It will only be for mint overprints. So I guess the only missing item will be the overprint on FDC. I suppose either you look for envelopes (quick) or just buy the “overprint on FDC” online or in the shops.