Updated: Latest on the Royal Visit emblem text change “error”, “Elixabeth” and a different print Miniature Sheet

Okay here is the lastest and probably my last posting on the Malaysia Royal Visit issue. I thought it fitting to wrap up the issue with this posting. I have added some updates on 06 October 2012.

Printing error sheetlets

I am sure you have seen the first print emblem out in the market by now. It even made its way to Stampboards.com: http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=40418

Well since I am not a member of that community (retrospective note: I was not a member at the time when this post was written), I could not reply to the post that his friend sent him the much sought after first print error sheetlets.

If you are lost, read this: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/a-walk-in-the-klcc-park-and-another-error/

(By the way TRH is not an error as originally some asked!)

The first print sheetlets (Prince William and Kate)  have been replaced with the second print (TRH) at the Stamp Gallery in Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur. However if you go down to the basement Philatelic Bureau office, you can catch a glimpse at the glass display.

Click the pictures below to view a higher resolution image. If you intend to use the images, I do appreciate a credit for this site.

Can I still get the error sheetlets?

Here are 3 ways:

(1) Post Office

If you are interested to get a set from the post office (yes, some actually missed the instructions from HQ), there are still 2 sets of untorn sheetlets in a post office in Kuala Lumpur. It has been “booked” by an unknown person who is supposed to pick it up yesterday (03 October 2012) but did not turn up and asked the post office to reserve for the person to pick up today (04 October 2012). Well if the person does not turn up, the post office will release it. I have personally seen the sheetlers. It is untorn. However the sheetlets are stapled together at the corner (HORROR!) and then clipped together with a metal paper clip! All the NO-NOs in stamp keeping!!!

So, if you are not a picky collector who only want to complete your collection, I will give you the location by email and you can try your luck to see if you can buy the sheetlets! You just need to post your interest below “Leave a Reply”, your email will automatically appear – no need to type your email.

Post Office closes at 05:00 pm today.

Too late, the person came to collect his “booking”. Strangely he bought all the Prince William & Kate sheetlets but did not want to coronation sheetlets. I picked them up and listed in eBay. It is not in “collector’s” pristine condition but good enough to showcase the withdrawn error and significantly cheaper than the pristine condition error sheetlets in the market.

I suppose if you go around the smaller post offices and enquire, you might get lucky.

(2) If you want a clean, excellent condition sheetlet, you can try online trading platforms (e.g. eBay). There are some on sale.

(3) I am compiling a set of 2 error sheetlets, 2 TRH sheetlets, the TRH sticker on folder, KL & KLCC cancellation FDC set (stamp FDC & MS FDC), KL cancellation FDC set (stamp FDC & MS FDC) with 2nd print MS on FDC, 1st print and 2nd print miniature sheets (read below) and the poster (which contains the original retracted design images) for sale. If you are keen, drop me a note. I have only one set on offer. It will be expensive because I obtained the sheetlets from the open market and not from the post office and the 2nd print miniature sheets are scarce. This way you can get everything in one go. Check it out at eBay (search for Royal Visit) after my links expire.

Ultimate set: Click here.

Only the error sheetlets in excellent mint condition: Click here.

First come, first served!

Elizabeth or Elixabeth

Meanwhile, Pos Malaysia HQ has printed out a comparison image of the font used and it clearly shows that the Elizabeth error was visual in nature. Check out my updated post at: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/the-x-factor-error-was-it-elixabeth-or-elizabeth/

Different print Miniature Sheet

Interestingly the SODA account holders will get a different print (I call it 2nd print for want of a better name) miniature sheet. Apparently the 2nd print is lighter in tone and the shadow is much lighter. This is as best a picture as I can take. Please click to see a larger image.


SODA orders for Selangor addresses are ready! You will most likely receive them from next week onwards! Other locations…wait. So I guess the prices of the standard items will start to drop as most collectors will get their orders soon. Special items will probably hold very well.

You are free to share your views and maybe share where you can best get the first print sheetlets (I guess none will since it is so scarce!). Maybe second best is how did you managed to get the sheetlets! Tell me if you find any different print MS in your area.

For the balance of my stocks click to eBay. The full set of errors, different print MS, FDCs, folder and poster is not listed yet.

If you cannot find anything just drop me a note.