Updated 02 July 2013: Changes to the Mid-year changes to the Stamp Issue Programme 2013

Updated 28 June 2013

Changes to the Traditional Salad and Museums & Artifacts issue dates!


Here’s the latest information on the programme changes after the Living Corals issue:

1. Traditional Salad (25 July 2013)

2. Tri-Nation (23 August 2013)

3. Museums & Artifacts (27 August 2013)

4. Endless Possibilities (16 September 2013) – a next day cover? most likely 17 September 2013

5. 100 Years of Local Bank (07 October 2013)

6. City of Museums Commemorative Cover (09 October 2013)

7. UNICEF (22 October 2013)

8. Malaysian Folk Tales (13 November 2013) – Stamp Week issue

9. Baba Nyonya Heritage (29 November 2013)

10. Rare Fruits Series III (12 December 2013)

Around the World in 48 Days has been “postponed”.

The Thailand 2013 overprint has now changed and the MS to be used has not been announced. So no more chance of a Forests overprint. Again, information subjected to changes.

In addition to the much awaited 2012 Annual Album, an Annual FDC Box is planned to be released. Quantity 500 boxes of the FDCs issued in 2012 at the price of (at present) RM 388. Oh, by the way the 2012 Annual Album is a smaller format thus the MS in the Currency Series II sheetlets will be torn out to fit the album. Date of issue has not been announced.

Again, these are preliminary information and by now you are probably used to the frequent changes (if you are not used to it, you should get used to it if you are keen on Malaysian Philately).

Updated 02 July 2013

I thought it would be more interesting to give some insights to the philatelists, collectors and readers alike on the background stories to some of the issues.


The 3 nations are: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore! The exhibition is held in turn by each country. It was kicked off in Thailand, followed by Singapore last year and now Malaysia. Head on over to Dayabumi (General Post Office), Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition is on the 3rd Floor. https://www.facebook.com/trination

Endless Possibilities

Could this be the campaign? http://www.malaysia.my/index.php?ch=ch_contents_business&pg=pg_business_news&ac=268

100 Years Local Bank

I guess you need to define “local bank” as in Peninsula Malaysia local bank or East Malaysia “local bank”. I am sure it does not include the foreign owned local branch banks in this definition. Read this for an interesting history on banking in Malaysia: http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2011/09/brief-history-of-banks-in-straits.html

I guess with all the newspaper advertisement, the guess is RHB Bank (who bought up Kwong Yik Bank) and the definition refers to the Peninsula Malaysia local bank.



Interesting fact: The date of celebration should be 15 July 2013!


Read the previous posting: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/unicef-stamp-issue/

Baba Nyonya Heritage

This issue coincides with the 26th Baba Nyonya International Convention 2013 to be held in Subang Jaya at the Holiday Villa Hotel and Suites. Here is the invitation card: http://www.peranakan-kl.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/card.jpg

Around the World in 48 Days

Read the information on this site: http://www.1rtw.com.my/ on how Captain James Anthony Tan made the Round the World trip in 48 days.

I will update the background stories as the news unfolds. Some I really cannot figure out.



3 thoughts on “Updated 02 July 2013: Changes to the Mid-year changes to the Stamp Issue Programme 2013

    1. The final price has not been confirmed. Expect upwards of RM 250. As usual the Annual Album will not include overprints. The demand will be very high this year as there were many “hot” issues in 2012. There are already many enquiries to the Philatelic Bureau.


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