Updated 04 August 2013: Solomon Islands Royal Visit Stamps

If you are keen to complete your Royal Visit to this part of the world, Solomon Islands via Stamperija, issued the Royal Visit stamps on 03 May 2013. Guess better late than never.

The issue price is very hefty:

1. Stamp Sheetlet: Euro 6.30

2. Imperforate Stamp Sheetlet: Euro 12.50

3. FDC: Euro 8.80

4. Imperforate FDC: Euro 15.00

There are 2 types of sheetlets issued. So if you are to buy a set of everything just multiply by 2.

Here are the images:

Solomon Islands Sheet 1

Solomon Islands Sheet 2

You can order from http://stamperija.eu/#home

Updated 04 August 2013:

An additional 2 sheets were issued after the above was posted. It can also be bought at RM 55.00 per set of 4 sheets in Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition. However the imperforated sheets and FDCs were not on sale.

For the previous post on the Royal Visit, check out: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/other-countries-issuing-stamps-for-the-royal-pacific-tour/


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