Updated 09 June 2014: 4 Nation Endangered Big Cats of Malaysia Bandung Stamp Show 2014 Overprint

Pos Malaysia released an overprint on the Endangered Big Cats of Malaysia issue for the 4 Nations Stamp Show in Bandung on 30 May 2014. PSM has the exhibition covers and it will be for sale. Meanwhile, sit back and wait for your SODA order forms. Sorry I do not have the rights to the images.

Updated 09 June 2014:

Here is the image of the miniature sheet:

IMG_0125 (2)

If you are a SODA member, do wait for the forms to be mailed to you.

I have some for sale (sold out): http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/4-Nations-Stamp-Show-Bandung-Indonesia-Malaysia-MNH-Minature-Sheet-MS-2014-/360955836015?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item540aa4f66f

The basic cover – last batch (not available to SODA): http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Four-Nations-Stamp-Show-Bandung-Indonesia-Malaysia-Exhibition-Cover-FDC-2014-/261504805304?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item3ce2e6a9b8



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