The error that was corrected: Malaysia – China 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations

There was an error? Hardly noticeable as it was corrected or shall I say the poster was corrected. Have a look at the cover:

Putrajaya Malaysia China 2014 PSE

Did you notice the vertical text on the left of the envelope (near the Malaysia Crest) has the number of years in romanised character “40” whereas on the stamp image and on the cancellation it is the Chinese text “四十”?

Well the original images has all the numbers in Chinese text. After the envelopes were printed…somehow the vertical text became “40”. The posters were reprinted to match the covers. Thus there was delay in the release of the posters but Pos Malaysia still managed to get them out and make a really good promotion this time!

Here is the un-released poster (and cover)!




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