Malaysia Stamp Issue Programme (04 June 2014)

Here is another updated schedule just released.

The date of sale for the Grand Opening World Scout Bureau has been move to 19 June. There is a launch on 18 June 2014 (I heard in the afternoon) at Sentral Vista, Brickfields. The glorified name is Kl Sentral East 🙂 So those who want to try their luck, you can try going over in the afternoon to see if you can get anything. So now next day covers are also done on Wednesdays (not just Saturdays).

Another next day cover is the 40 Years Reign of KDYMM Sultan Pahang to be on sale of 26 June 2014.

So update your calendar or you risk coming on the wrong day.

2014 Tentative Stamp Issues Schedule

No. Theme Code Issue Date
1 Horse S 27.01.14
2 Rose Series 2 S 14.02.14
3 Museum & Artifacts – Unveiling of the Hidden Treasures S 13.03.14
4 Special Commemorative Cover in Conjunction with President Barack Obama’s Visit to Malaysia C 26.04.14
Date of Sale : 28.04.14 (Mon)
5 Commemorative Cover City of Museums – Melaka & Jogja C 24.05.14
Date of Sale : 26.05.14 (Mon)
6 Commemorative Cover-40 Years Diplomatic Relation between Malaysia-China C 31.05.14
Date of Sale : 02.06.14 (Mon)
7 Grand Opening World Scout Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office S 18.06.14
Date of Sale : 19.06.14 (Thu)
8 klia2 C 24.06.14
9 40 Years of Reign of KDYMM Sultan Pahang C 25.06.14
Date of Sale : 26.06.14 (Thu)
10 Local Fruits S 03.07.14
11 Malaysian Folk Tales S 17.07.14
12 Panda S 21.08.14
13 57th Independence Celebration C 31.08.14
14 Medicinal Plants Series 3 S 09.09.14
15 World Post Day 2014 S 09.10.14
16 Joint Issue With Hong Kong (Popular Dish) S 16.10.14
17 Endangered Species S 04.11.14
18 World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014 (01-06 Dec 2014) 01 December 2014 S
19 Malaysian Cartoon (Stamp Week) 01 December 2014 S
20 Legacy Of The Loom Series 2 S 12.12.14



2 thoughts on “Malaysia Stamp Issue Programme (04 June 2014)

  1. Limited edition of panda coins, only 1000 for Malaysia, published in tonite china press. They can be purchased from Bank of China.

    1. Thanks for the info. It is actually the bullion coins unlike the Bank Negara series which is a commemorative coin. The China coins is a pretty expensive set!


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