A day in Bougainvillea City: Perak Stamp Exhibition

Where is Bougainvillea City? Ipoh-lah!

Here is my summary. The exhibition was well promoted and publicized. This enabled quite a lot of philatelists from the north and south (as south as Singapore) to join the fun. The event was well planned out with the support of Pos Malaysia Ipoh and Tourism Malaysia (Perak). The volunteers are on hand to help out (with proper tags).

The exhibition hall is hard to locate if you did not come in through the main entrance. I made the mistake of coming in by the market entrance and the stall keepers were kind enough to point out the place.

The main table is right in front where you can buy the exhibition postcards (set of 6) and also a specially prepared Bougainvillea souvenir cover complete with Bougainvillea 60 sen stamp and a stiffener! Very professionally done! Here a picture of  the main corridor. On the left of the picture is the sales table and PSM table joined together in order for those who want to do the cancellations. The sample postcards are hanging behind the chairs. The “chops” are tied to the red strings just below the postcards. The tall container is the “Guess the Number of Stamps” contest. On the far end of the picture are the dealers (Pos Malaysia is at the very end).


Here are the exhibits.



You must be curious about the cancellations. Here is the list:

1. Perak’s own cachets (3)

2. Pos Malaysia cachets (2)

3. Daily cancellations (4 – there are 2 cancels on the first day)

I added the UTC Ipoh postmark. This is the UTC Ipoh Post Office. I must say the organisers are very through. They even had the cooperation of the UTC Ipoh Post Office to get the cancels for use by the philatelists.


Here is the cover for the first day and cachets.

20140620 Ipoh Perak Stamp Exhibition

These are the postcards (6 in a set).


These are the first day cancellations and cachets on the back of the postcards.


I have nothing on sale.

The official launch was at 04:00 pm.

Verdict: Well organised, worth to visit. If you are free, why not drop by.

Trivia: Vera designed the white souvenir cover as well as the floral Pos Malaysia cancellation. Nice!

Happy chopping!





6 thoughts on “A day in Bougainvillea City: Perak Stamp Exhibition

    1. 1. Ipoh: Govin
      2. Kulim? and his friend – mostly stamps and coins – few covers
      3. Richard Thio
      4. Another Kedah Stamp Dealer who has not turned up by the time I left

      I think that was all. Plenty of stocks though, especially Govin since home ground advantage (so near his shop).

      Do you count Pos Malaysia Ipoh? They brought out some old Malaysia first day covers from around the late 1990s to early 2000! I did not ask the price but I heard it was close to face value. Lots of MS (nothing “hot”).

      Exhibits were great. I enjoyed the one page stories. It shows the extent of thought put into crafting a condensed story.


    1. I rarely keep duplicates 🙂 unless it is something I like (Hornbills, Freshwater Fishes) or something “hot” at an affordable price.


  1. Ipoh Pos Malaysia is one of the last “real” philatelic bureau existing (survived only because of collectors)

    1. The head (a lady) and the staff were very professional and courteous. Reminds me of the Melaka branch staff during Melaka 750. Very good impressions. Thumbs up for their support!

      Pengumpul Setem Didahulukan! (Philatelists First!)


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