Finally klia2 stamps took off on 24 June 2014

I could only verify this late. klia2 will be released tomorrow (Tuesday) 24 June 2014. Finally, Pos Malaysia is listening and reverting to issuing First Day Covers. The information has not been posted on their website nor Facebook yet. Tell your stamp collector friends on the change of date.

Here is the poster:


A nice cancellation will be KLIA!

Now Everyone Can Buy!

Updated 24 June 2014:

The crowd was light and I saw many regulars missing. I guess the change from Next Day Cover to First Day Cover caught many off guard.

The posting on klia2 went up to the second highest page views at 673 edging Obama Visit.

The current page view ranking:

1. Malaysia – China 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations

2. klia2

3. Obama Visit to Malaysia

<4. Grand Opening of the World Scouts Bureau>

<5. William and Kate – Royal Visit>

However the queue is probably the shortest this year!

The queue ranking (incidentally also the ranking of the most demanded):

1. William and Kate – Royal Visit

2. Malaysia – China 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations

3. Obama Visit to Malaysia

Stay tuned for more news later today….and the klia special covers. Patience…

Here is the launch event by our Honourable Prime Minister.


Here is the Pos Malaysia counter. Sadly the cancellation is just plain Kuala Lumpur (similar with SODA).


So here they are, the klia2 covers cancelled in KLIA Philatelic Bureau branch and some assistance from Gateway klia2 for their counter cancellation for shoppers :-).

20140624 KLIA klia2

20140624 KLIA klia2 MS

20140624 KLIA klia2 back

For all purchases, I will give you the Gateway layout brochure guide and the klia2 airport guide (until stocks lasts – 1 per purchase).

Here are the listings (no shoddy work, all nice cancels):

Normal KLIA set:

Setenant sets:

Special setenants (Remember the Open Day? They have a nice boarding pass that I kept until the issue kept postponing, so here is the best set):

Unused boarding pass:

Used boarding pass with very low number!:

That is all the setenants that I can make with a full sheet. So once sold, that’s all. I do not keep stocks as my regulars know.



4 thoughts on “Finally klia2 stamps took off on 24 June 2014

  1. It is on their FB page already, posted up around 5pm !
    Used to post it like a few days to a week before the issue, but after last year’s Visit Malaysia 2014 debacle, they stop doing so.

    Here’s the link

    The klia2 stamp collection will feature 20 pieces of stamps per sheet each measuring 30mm x 50mm in size and are printed…

    Posted by Pos Malaysia Berhad on Monday, June 23, 2014

    1. Thanks for the updates! I really appreciate it. It is getting hard to track. You are right, after last year’s debacle, advance information is hard to come by.

      In fact, Pos Malaysia owed the collectors a huge debt of gratitude. Had they not published the Visit Malaysia Year information earlier, they would not have had a clue about the copyright issues. By publishing earlier, the collectors actually saved Pos Malaysia from issuing something contentious.

      Now by going back to last minute release of information, they will not have the assistance of he collectors who might be specialists in the topic.

      Good luck!


      1. I think things will get better. Pos Malaysia already listened to the first feedback that First Day Covers should be issued on the first day. So there is hope.


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