More Postponements: Malaysia – Hong Kong Joint Issue Local Food

The latest joint issue with Hong Kong has been postponed. Indeed this is quite a disappointment 😦

Meanwhile Hong Kong Post has already shipped their FDCs to Pos Malaysia! All SODA account holders will receive a Hong Kong stamp on FDC with their SODA order automatically. However the Hong Kong MS on FDC will not be provided. Hong Kong Post will go ahead and issue the stamps and miniature sheet on 09 October 2014. They will also issue a presentation pack with both sets of stamps as well as a joint FDC with both sets of stamps! Here are the images:

Sadly Pos Malaysia will postpone it for reasons best known to the knowing people. News has it that the miniature sheet produced by Pos Malaysia is too big to stick on our envelope! Hmm, this is quite embarrassing to have a joint issue with one side issuing and the other side postponing.

I will be ordering the Hong Kong Post FDCs and if you are keen to order along, just drop me your quantity. One set per person only subjected to availability.


ps: Malay Folk Stories is also postponed until further notice.

pps: Unlike other philatelic bureaus, HK Post has a limit for individual order. The requests have reached the limit and I cannot accept further orders. My apologies.


10 thoughts on “More Postponements: Malaysia – Hong Kong Joint Issue Local Food

    1. The cost is the face value and the shared Hong Kong postage to bring it is. Then add the registered post to send to your address. It is below RM 15.00 per cover (depending on the final number I bring it, the cost is adjusted down for the shared postage). If you are in Malaysia, registered postage is about RM 3.00.

      Just a note, if you are a Pos Malaysia SODA account holder, you will receive the Hong Kong Post FDC, so there is no need to order.


  1. Hi, I am Soda account holder, is it I will receive the Hong Kong Post FDC affixed with a Set of 4 Stamps only?

    1. I received the confirmation that SODA will get the “4 HK stamps on FDC”. There is no confirmation if the “MS on FDC” is included for SODA.

      I am not able to order only the “MS on FDC” as the HK order is by set (stamp on FDC and MS on FDC).


      1. I can only take in One set of each. This is the last set as my order quota is full. If you confirm, I will message you once the item arrives in Malaysia. No payment now.


    1. I have filled the allowable quota (see comments in previous reply). If any one does not take up the order, I will release one set to you.


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