Hong Kong – Malaysia Covers have arrived!

Thank you for your patience. Being patient you will be rewarded with cheaper stocks.

Okay, since we bundled up the orders to reduce the postage, here are the great offers for you. They are cheaper than ordering overseas (your reward for being patient). As stocks are rationed, I have reserved the rest for pre-orders.

1. Joint cover with both sets of stamps (notice the Malaysia cancellation does not have the word Kuala Lumpur???!!!??) <Sold Out>


2. HK Miniature Sheet on FDC (SODA customers will NOT receive this, thus to complete your collection, you might want to add this item) <few left>



3. Miniature Sheets (Mint) – these were sold out online in a few hours <few left>



4. Joint Stamps Folder Pack issued by Hong Kong Post with both sets of stamps (Mint) <few left>



5. Hong Kong Stamps (Mint)

http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Hong-Kong-Stamps-Local-Food-Malaysia-Hong-Kong-2014-Mint-MNH-/261636033282? <Sold Out>

6. Hong Kong Stamps Block of 4 (Mint) (only 1 block available for bidding)

Local Food HK Mint Block of 4


7. Joint cover with both sets of stamps (made in Kuala Lumpur) <last piece>

20141009 HK Joint Local Food KL


Notice the difference in the size of the cancellation used in Hong Kong versus the Kuala Lumpur cancellation?


Of course I still have Malaysia’s versions.

1. Malaysia Miniature Sheet on FDC (Kuala Lumpur) – this will NOT be available to SODA account holders.


2. Malaysia Miniature Sheet (Mint) – at a fair price if you still cannot get


3. Malaysia Kajang and Kuala Lumpur cancellations on FDC


Any questions, just drop me a note.









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