SJK (C) Tai Thung Love Malaysia Stamp Exhibition

Well, the never ending last minute announcement “Love Malaysia Stamp Exhibition” is back! This time it will be held for a day at SJK (C) Tai Thung in Salak South (Salak Selatan) on 24 October 2014. There are a staggering 7 postmarks for a single day! I doubt anyone can top that many postmarks! Hmmm, trying to figure out how to chop, chop, chop… Bring huge envelope!

I think Pos Malaysia should put up a noticeboard of stamp exhibitions. This way they can get more to join in.

My advise, come after 12:00 noon (way after the launching). The official programme states that sales start at 01:00 pm and ends at 05:00 pm.

Here is the link:

Updated 24 October 2014:

Here is the school (after a few wrong turns I finally found the place):

SJKC Tai Thung

Only Pos Malaysia was present. There was a prayer break and I had to come back again to make the covers. Seems like the teachers’ interest is higher.

Two of the cancellations with the school logo were designed by the school and is kept by the school at the end of the day. The other 5 cancellations are ‘updated’ cancellations and will be kept by Pos Malaysia. The exhibition closed early before 04:00 pm as Pos Malaysia wanted to go back and stock take.

I wanted to have a transition from the 50 Years of Malaysia to the 57 Years of Merdeka theme for the “Love Malaysia” exhibition. Thus I stuck 2 stamps on the envelope. So this is what I made:

20141024 Salak Selatan Tai Thung 1

20141024 Salak Selatan Tai Thung 2






6 thoughts on “SJK (C) Tai Thung Love Malaysia Stamp Exhibition

  1. May i know normally where to get all the postmark at the exhibition ? is it at a specific counter ? did pos malaysia issue a new FDC to commemorate this event ?

    1. There is usually a Pos Malaysia or PSM counter with the postmarks at these exhibitions. They will have all the postmarks. Usually no FDCs. PSM sometimes sell their envelopes
      You can also bring your own envelopes. If the organiser is hardworking, they also make their own covers to raise funds.


  2. Thanks for your advice ! Will you be going ?
    And do you know how am i supposed to get there when i reach salak south lrt station ?

    1. I will be going probably mid afternoon. I am not sure where is the school. I have looked at the Google Map and I still need to figure out as too many roads criss cross the area. Sorry could not help you on the direction from the Salak South station.


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