Updated 27 October 2014: Malay Folk Stories – An Epic Journey to Trace the Legends

The next issue is the postponed Malay Folk Stories which is supposed to be on 27 October 2014. The cancellation is changed from 15 September 2014 to the new date (27 October 2014). I believe the original “chop” has been recalled.

The issue will comprise of the same stamps. Here is the recalled poster.


Stamp format 10 setenant stamps (20 stamps per sheetlet) in 3 different sheets (1 design per sheet).

The banners have a sticker pasted over as issue 12 with the Date of Issue as 27 October 2014.

Let’s hope that this time Pos Malaysia does not postpone it any further. Fingers crossed!

Updated 24 October 2014:

Looks like this time the issue will become a reality rather than a folk story. Pos Malaysia even issued new posters! Check it out:

Malay Folk Stories

To the group who collects birds on stamps, check out the eagle types in Langkawi or around Kedah’s estuary. That is the basis of the folk story. I doubt the drawing of the eagle is accurate.

Updated 27 October 2014:

It is the day I have been waiting for. However the crowd (or lack of it) in Dayabumi was very telling. There was about a dozen of regulars. Must be many of the collectors have picked up on the 15 September?

Anyway, today is the epic journey to trace the legendary footsteps or at least the post offices….

The first stop was Wangsa Maju. Traffic to Wangsa Maju was bearable and I had to take the toll roads to get there quicker. Today’s game is all about saving time.

Wangsa Maju Post Office

The post office as kind enough to dust off their quite unused cancellation. I made 2 types. Type 1 without the small counter cancellation. Type 2 with the small counter cancellation. I try to move the larger cancellation to Merong Maha Wangsa’s side.

I was then off to Melaka GPO. The drive was smooth. PLUS Highway was just about to put cones for their maintenance work along the the southbound lanes. Luckily managed to get through before the traffic build up.

The Melaka GPO was rather quiet. The ink was rather light and the left side of the cancellation is uneven. Had to press harder on the left.

Then it was off to the hard to find the Jalan Hang Tuah Mini Post Office (Pejabat Pos Mini – PPM). It was really hard to find. The location listed was at Hang Tuah Mall but in reality it was at the Mara Building’s ground floor hidden from view. It was raining heavily then. Fortunately I managed to find the post office’s telephone number. The gentleman was kind enough to direct me to the place. So here it is:

Jalan Hang Tuah Mini Post Office

By the time I got back to my car, it was 3 inches underwater! Well, my shoes were soaked as I try to get back in. The stocks are fine. I put all the FDCs into a plastic bag.

It was then to Jalan Laksamana for Laksamana Hang Tuah! The post office was very quiet. It was still raining heavily. I got my stuff done in a jiffy and rushed off to Merlimau. Merlimau is supposed to be the final resting place of Tun Teja.

I lost my way a couple of times before I found it. I happen to hit at the time when the students go home and the traffic out of Melaka and into Merlimau was horrendous. I was in such a hurry I had no time to take a photo of the Merlimau Post Office building which is quite classy.

It was then the long drive home with an epic adventure covering over 470 km for over 12 hours from GPO KL to the end of the day in the footsteps of the legends. Wish I had a ticket to Langkawi 🙂

Anyway here are the FDCs:

Type 1

20141027 Wangsa Melaka Merlimau Malay Folk Stories 1


Type 2

20141027 Wangsa Melaka Merlimau Malay Folk Stories 2



ps: Those who missed out the Local Food MS and those SODA who will not get an MS on FDC, I have some made and at low prices if you want to make up your collection: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/malaysia-hong-kong-joint-issue/


5 thoughts on “Updated 27 October 2014: Malay Folk Stories – An Epic Journey to Trace the Legends

    1. I was rushing home and forgot to take a photo of the Merlimau building. By the time I took out my handphone, the traffic light turned green. It is a beautiful building. Very classy, I would say.


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