Towards 100,000 views

Let’s have another round of fun. myfdc is reaching 100,000 views thanks to avid philatelists, Postcrossing fans, occasional numismatists, sellers and dealer, some misdirected visitors, others trying to sell their items by trying to comment, curious onlookers, Followers who do not follow and spammers. So I am giving out the first Pos Malaysia – Royal Selangor pewter Stamp Week 1997 Cover free to the 100,000th viewer.


This is how it works in case you missed out previously.

1. Scroll to the bottom to check which viewer you are.

2. If you are the 100,000th viewer, take a screenshot and email to me at

3. I will send you to cover.

Shipping is free to a Malaysian address.

If you are overseas, you only need to pay the normal postage rate to your country.

If you are an existing overseas customer, I will send you for free.

Simple, I hope… Okay, so let’s see when do we hit 100,000.

Thank you very much for your support, comments and ideas!



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