November revision to the Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule 2014

In perhaps the last(?) revision to the stamp schedule this year, the next issue is actually the World Youth Stamp Exhibition Series 2 – 7! and a surprise Penang Second Bridge set! Thankfully the Medicinal Plants Series 3 has been dropped.

2014 Tentative Stamp Issues Schedule

No.  Theme Code Issue Date
1 Horse S 27.01.14 Mon
2 Rose Series 2 S 14.02.14 Fri
3 Museum & Artifacts – Unveiling of the Hidden Treasures S 13.03.14 Thu
4 Special Commemorative Cover in Conjunction with President Barack Obama’s Visit to Malaysia C 26.04.14 Sat

Date of Sale : 28.04.14 (Mon)

5 Commemorative Cover City of Museums – Melaka & Jogja C 24.05.14 Sat

Date of Sale : 26.05.14 (Mon)

6 Commemorative Cover-40 Years Diplomatic Relation between Malaysia-China C 31.05.14 Sat

Date of Sale : 02.06.14 (Mon)

7 Grand Opening World Scout Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office S 18.06.14 Wed

Date of Sale : 19.06.14 (Thu)

8 klia2 C 24.06.14 Tue
9 Local Fruits S 17.07.14 Thu
10 57th Independence Celebration Date of Sale at all General Pos Outlets (GPO) & Gallery HQ : 02.09.14 (Tues) Date of Sale at all Pos Outlets (except GPO) : 08.09.14 (Mon) C 31.08.14 Sun
11 Joint Issue With Hong Kong (Local Food) Date of Sale at all Pos Outlets (except Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu & Johor) : 17.10.14 (Fri) S 09.10.14 Thu
12 Malay Folk Stories S 27.10.14 Mon
13 WYSE 2014 Miniature Sheet Collections (KLCC) S 05.11.14 Wed
14 World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014 (01-06 Dec 2014) S 01.12.14 Mon
15 The Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge S 08.12.14 Mon

Keep a look out for any changes!



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