Updated information 29 November 2014: World Youth Stamp Exhibition WYSE Malaysia 2014

I guess, you have been waiting for this for quite sometime now, so here it is, the images for the 6 days. By the way, all the 7 Miniature Sheets (some received 5 MS, some with 7 MS, quite a mix in the news from different GPOs so do not be disappointed) will be on sale on 01 December 2014 Except in GPO KL!!! You have been warned. Stocks have just arrived in most state post offices, so please CALL ahead (call your state GPO  or the post office you are heading to on Saturday, 29 November 2014 before 01:00 pm) before you go on Monday, 01 December 2014.

I will be providing updates during the week. You can either bookmark or Follow this site to obtain the latest information or just to catch up.

01 December 2014: Malaysia Day (RM 5.00 MS)

1 Malaysia Day

02 December 2014: Philately Day (2 x RM 3.00 MS)

2 Philately Day

03 December 2014: Communication Day (RM 5.00 MS)

3 Communication Day

04 December 2014: Postal Day (RM 5.00 MS)

4 Postal Day

05 December 2014: Youth Day (RM 5.00 MS)

5 Youth Day

06 December 2014: International Friendship Day

6 Internatonal Friendship Day

Here is the banner:

WYSE Banner

The MS will all be sold in one lot. The official first day cancellation is 01 December 2014. However there are daily special cancellations only available in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

WYSE Daily Cancellations

Here are some tips:

Be warned: Only the first MS will be sold in GPO Dayabumi on 01 December 2014. We are expected to queue every day in KLCC to buy the other MS according to the date of release!

Go to your nearest GPO other than KL to buy all the MS then take your time to stick the MS. The exhibition hall opens at 10:00 am. Other than the employees, exhibitors , volunteers and those related to the event, you will not be able to go in early. It is also a good thing to skip the opening ceremony which tends to drag on. Go over after 10:00 am and leisurely go for the cancellation counter. It should be somewhere in Hall 1 or 2. I have no clue.

Here is the pre-registration page: http://pos.greenreg2u.com/index.php/smartform/online/create

After registration you will receive a confirmation number and a QR code as follows:

WYSE Malaysia 2014 Registration

An email will be sent to your email account. Either bring a printed copy or bring your smartphone with the email. That makes registration easier.

Important note: SODA customers will only get the Kuala Lumpur cancellation (01 December 2014 on all 7 MS). There will be an order form for the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 6 days special cancellations. So, now you can have a clearer decision.

Here are some other interesting items coming out from other postal authorities:

1. Singapore Post is located at booth 1010. At least they give out information early enough.Singapore MS



2. United Kingdom will release and Exhibition Sheet at GBP 12.90 (mail order), more expensive when sold over the counter in KL!

UK Stamp Sheet

3. Taiwan will release a commemorative envelope. ??????????????????????????

4. Indonesia will release something.

5. Stamperija representing a host of countries plans to issue a lot….beware, very expensive!

From the publicity image, we have Niger, Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau and some country that I cannot make out at the moment. Usually no FDCs – just mint sheets.


Here are the images for Guinea-Bissau.

Guine Bissau 1Guine Bissau 2








I will update as we go along.

FDC Orders:

Meanwhile, for the regular customers, just drop me a note how many sets that you want and I will arrange it. I will not make a lot. It is too expensive, so it will be only for your orders. Non-regular customers need to buy via eBay on a first come first served basis.

Overseas orders are accepted and the invoice will be sent via PayPal. If the invoice is not cleared by 30 December 2014, the order will not be processed.

Mint Philatelic Orders:

For MINT philatelic items, you can order anytime.

Stay tuned for the live reporting from KLCC! You will not miss the important things.



3 thoughts on “Updated information 29 November 2014: World Youth Stamp Exhibition WYSE Malaysia 2014

  1. Yet again, thanks for the early infomation. This one is definitely going to burn a big hole to the pocket. But i find it interesting, covering such a wide aspect for an issue.

    1. I guess we all have our own views on the design.

      I prefer the first MS (05 November) which is well designed. This series looks disjointed like a set of MS from many issues being put together. Puteri Gunung Ledang certainly fits more to Malay Folk Stories than here.


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