Updated 17 December 2014: UK Special Generic Sheetlet for the World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014

Remember our pooling for the HK – Malaysia joint issue to bring in at actual cost incurred? I would like to do the same again. This time, I want to pool an order for the UK Generic Sheetlet issued for the World Youth Stamp Exhibition. I do not intend to make a profit on this pooling similar to the HK – Malaysia joint issue.


This generic sheetlet did not reach our shores.

If you are interested, please advise your quantity (mint). It is about RM 80 – 85 depending on how many persons want to pool an order and the exchange rate at the time of payment to Royal Mail.

Here are the terms:

1. Royal Mail usually just put the sheetlets in a flimsy backing board for shipping. If there are bends or folds it is a risk that you understand and accept when you order.

2. Please put a deposit of RM 70 per sheetlet ordered. You can bank in the balance when the item arrives.

3. No cancellation after you place an order with deposit.

4. Registered postage to you is a flat rate RM 3.50.

5. Priority for readers.

6. Usually Royal Mail takes a week to process and another month to reach KL. Thus I am looking at end January 2015.

7. Order will close on 15 December 2014 at 10:00 pm.

8. Please deposit by 17 December 2014.


<Pool Order has closed.>



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