Gold Plated Stamp released on 01 December 2014

I did not have time to sit and write a little bit about this item.

Well, there was another product which was largely overlooked in the exhibition. It was a gold plated stamp of the Baba Nyonya 2013 Miniature Sheet image. Most people just bought the exhibition MS and this item was really missed out.


According to news reports the quantity produced is only 5,000 pieces. Here are the technical details:


As indicated in the information card, the date of issue is 01 December 2014. However this item was only released in the exhibition.

So the question is, what would be an acceptable FDC? Well, my better off buddies (and many foreigners) made these:

20141201 Convention Centre Baba Nyonya Gold Foil

It is a bit too expensive for me to make into a FDC. Some asked me to make for them. It is also valid for postage. Previous gold image “stamps” were decorative in nature and not valid for postage.

The ink used is the pasty type. Thus drying takes time. The normal water based ink will not work as the ink will not stick to the metallic part.

Press report was on 02 December 2014, thus this is another low key release on 01 December 2014.

Did you make one for yourself???









One thought on “Gold Plated Stamp released on 01 December 2014

  1. Hello Sky,

    FIRST: Thank you for helping me with this FDC. It is very very pretty. I already have it posted here:

    Just as an additional discussion,
    1. What kind of adhesive-used? I read from one source, it says ‘double-sided’ tape.

    As for FDC, I have it mentioned as
    “Unofficial First Day Cover Using Exhibition’s Official Envelope & Cachet”

    My only ‘official’ source for this stamp, can be read here:

    i guess we need to wait for SODA customer to update their collection, to see if they will receive any.


    Keep up the good work Sky!

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