Updated: We have a Winner! (Towards 110,000 Views and another Competition)

It is Friday and myfdc is hitting 110,000 views. So just for the fun of it, let’s have another round. In the last 2 rounds, I think spammers hit the target…thus depriving genuine readers of a gift.

Here is how it works:

1. Scroll down to the end of the page to look for the view counter.

2. This time….. if you are the: 109,999th, 110,000th or 110,001th viewer, you just need to take a screen shot (Print Screen). This is thrice the chance of hitting it.

3. Email to me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

4. I will send you a WYSE 2014 First Day of Exhibition (01 December 2014) cover free (even overseas).


Based on the average hits, it should be 110,000 by early next morning.

Good luck!

Updated in the evening:

Looks like the 110,000 was breached earlier than expected! There is finally a winner – viewer number 109,999! Your cover will be sent once I get your mailing address.

20141201 KLCC Convention Centre WYSE 2014

Thank you for reading.

The information that you are all looking for and the rumours circulating…..one of them is true and the other is awaiting final approval. Hint: Maybe another 2 stamp issues on the last week of the year – a celebration and a structure……..keep reading.

Meanwhile the Persembahan Filateli Diraja Trengganu MS (perforated and imperforate) are no longer sold in GPO KL. All the balance stocks are reserved for SODA account holders. Plenty to go around so no worries. Look out for the order form.




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