Updated 18 December 2014 Confirmed: 2 More Stamp Issues Before the Year Ends??????

Rumours have been circulating that there will be 2 more stamp issues before the year ends….. There is some truth in it – however it still very much hinges on the final approvals for the issues to be released. I think having gone through the drill this year, the hardest challenge faced by Pos Malaysia is the approval process. That impacted on us collectors trying to organise our time off to go to the post office.

Back to the rumours:

The first item is planned to be on sale on 29 December 2014 (however there will be a formal launch on 23 December 2014). There is a single 60 sen stamp for this issue. This is more or less firmed up and awaiting official announcement. Think………celebration and royalty.

The second item is the long awaited Second Penang Bridge and the news circulating around is that this issue will be on sale on 31 December 2014. It is anybody’s guess. Let’s wait for the approval and announcement. At the same time, Bank Negara Malaysia is expected to release commemorative coins! Guess where the queue will be???

Hopefully if this push through some Penang based seller can make a special mainland, island and GPO triple cancellation just like in the old days. It is too far (time wise) for me to reach, so hopefully someone will take up the task up North and sell to us.

More news as it develops. So stay tuned.

Updated 18 December 2014:

1. The 40 Years Reign of KDYMM Sultan Pahang has been confirmed for sale on 29 December 2014 (however the launch is on 23 December 2014). It will be a 60 sen stamp in a sheet of 20. Design has the Sultan and the palace. Please wait for the official release of the images.

2. The Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge (Second Penang Bridge) issue will be on 31 December 2014 with 2 stamps. Again visuals and details will follow.



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