MNP is back with the Second Coins & Banknotes Auction in Penang

MNP is back, this time on their own without Bank Negara Malaysia. The lots are mixed from very old stuff to modern items.

It is scheduled to take place on 11 January 2015 (Sunday) at sPICE Penang Arena (PISA) in Relau in conjunction with the Penang International Property Expo 2015.

There will be 2 sessions. Session 1 (Coins) starts at 02:00 pm and Session 2 starts at 03:00 pm. A deposit of RM 300 is required. Registration in the Kuala Lumpur office starts on 29 December 2014. There is also an option for an absentee bidding.

The catalogue can be downloaded from:

From the previous MNP/BNM auction and based on the number of items on offer, I doubt that Session 2 can start at 03:00 pm. They are overly optimistic and have not learned from the BNM auction on the timing required.

Anyway, for those with excess cash, it is a good place to put it to good use. Be warned, if you are expecting to get affordable items, the BNM auction of modern items have shown that the prices will reach astronomical heights (sometimes unrealistic). In addition, the auctioneers usually start way above the reserve price listed in the catalogue.

Interested in what happened last time? Read the archived live blogging at:

If you are interested in the previous auction results with notations on the items done:

Good luck!



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