Hong Kong Year of the Ram

I collect lunar series and will be ordering from Hong Kong Post for the upcoming Year of the Ram (Goat) on 24 January 2015. In order to reduce postage cost impact, I would like to check if anyone would like to order anything at the same time. This works the same way as what we did for the Local Foods joint issue and the UK Generic Sheetlet whereby you will get it very much lower than buying from overseas (unless you are buying in bulk). We just share out the postage from Hong Kong and the postage here to send back to you. I will not add a profit element. You can recalculate yourself.

Each order is limited to only 5 pieces of anything, thus once the limit is up, I will close the order. First come first served. I will calculate the deposit after you advise your requirements.

If on the day of sale, the item is sold out, then I will refund your payment in full.

Here is the link: http://www.hongkongpoststamps.hk/eng/stamps/stamps_issuing_programme/2015/index.htm

If you want to order on your own, there are instructions and more links in Hong Kong Post.

If you are interested in any items, I will collect orders up to 16 January 2015 or when the limit is up.



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