Updated 16 March 2015: On sale on 24 March 2015 – Installation of KDYMM Sultan Johor

The next issue will see a set of stamps (60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.00) plus a miniature sheet (RM 5.00) issued to commemorate the Installation of KDYMM Sultan Johor.

Since the earlier announcement that Johoreans will enjoy a holiday on that day, there has not been any announcement on the sale of stamps arrangement. The image has not come out yet.

Updated 10 March 2015:

Image of the stamps and miniature sheet.

Installation Sultan Johor 2015

Nice cancellations are Johor Bahru and Medan Tuanku (Kuala Lumpur)!

Updated 16 March 2015:

The issue will be on sales the next day i.e. on 24 March 2015 as 23 March 2015 is a holiday for Johor. The special cancellation will still be dated 23 March 2015 making this a next day cover.



One thought on “Updated 16 March 2015: On sale on 24 March 2015 – Installation of KDYMM Sultan Johor

  1. Dear SirThank you very much for regularly philatelic updatesI emailed you 86 pages scan copies of Malaya Japan occupation material,awaiting for reply in case of non receipt of 86 pages,the scan copies will be emailed Thank you very much for supportMazher MehmoodPhilatelist

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