13 April 2015: Endangered Marine Life

The first issue in April is the Endangered Marine Life. Stamps: Knifetooth Sawfish 60 sen, Blue Whale 80 sen Killer Whale: RM 1.40 Miniature Sheet: Humpback Whale: RM 5.00 (silver foil) Empty folder: RM 6.00 ??????????????????????????????? sky52200


4 thoughts on “13 April 2015: Endangered Marine Life

  1. Reblogged this on myfdc and commented:

    I will not be making any concordant covers for this issue as I cannot find a solid link to a nice cancellation.

    If you want a normal set of stamp on FDC and MS FDC cancelled in Kuala Lumpur, the pre-order price is RM 12.00.

    Other items available for pre-order are mint MS and empty folders.

    Contact sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

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