Updated 14 April 2015: 175th Anniversary of Penny Black (30 April 2015)

The next issue is the 175th Anniversary of Penny Black. It is postponed and will be issued on 30 April 2015 (latest information). It will be a single miniature sheet with a stamp on stamp design (something like the Day 2 WYSE MS). Face value RM 3.00.

Penny Black

Penny Black??? Without Penny Black, we will not be collecting stamps! Here is a good write-up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Black

UK’s The 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

Meanwhile, if you want a matching FDC from UK, check out Royal Mail. The UK issue is on 06 May 2015.


You can order from Royal Mail on the day of issue “online”. FDCs are NOT available for online order after 06 May 2015!

However, the UK FDC will be printed with your name and address. Thus I will not be taking shared orders for this item as the FDCs will all be printed with my name and address!!!

If you want a fresh clean FDC, you need to order from the dealers in UK (expensive postage) or drop by Singapore around June to buy from their Philatelic Bureau (any branch office) as they sell UK products. In any case, UK products are expensive even though the pound has dropped.

I hope to bring you more updates as the information is fine tuned. Meanwhile….keep some money. Cost of collecting just went up 6% today.

14 April 2015:

Well since the poster has been leaked online…..here it is….



1. What is the name of the stamp in blue?

2. What is the name of the cancellation (chop)?

3. When was the first official use of Penny Black?

First person to get all answers right will win a prize. All you need to do is to post your answer below.

Good luck and start searching!


17 thoughts on “Updated 14 April 2015: 175th Anniversary of Penny Black (30 April 2015)

    1. 1. Two Pence Blue
      2. Maltese Cross
      3. issued on 1 May 1840,unofficial usage begins on 2 may 1840, but according to the official it is 6 may but their is 1 cover of 1 may 1840
      so my answer the usage begins on 1 may 1840 itself

      1. Excellent search for the answer! You missed by 32 minutes as akrichard got all the answers rights at 11:52 pm.

        Keep a look out for more fun activities!


      1. Thank you very much.
        It was fun reading up on Penny Black’s history actually. I guess I took its history for granted. My attention lately has been on reading up on the Pony Express history back in US. Looking forward to more quizzes.

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