Updated 15 April 2015: 175th Anniversary of Penny Black (30 April 2015)

An image and a quiz with a prize! What more could be better?

Updated 15 April 2015:

The quiz is closed and we have a winner!

The answers are:
1. Two Pence / Penny Blue
2. Maltese Cross (red / black)
3. 01 May 1840

Did you notice the issue date for Pos Malaysia??? 30 April is as close as we can get to 01 May 2015 as 01 May is……Labour Day holiday!

Royal Mail chose 06 May 2015 as it was the day for use for the general public.

The winner is AK Richard!
Special mention with a well written answer: Pareen Kumar

I think it is fun to know a bit about the stamp issue. More meaningful when we collect it.

Again thank you all for joining!



The next issue is the 175th Anniversary of Penny Black. It is postponed and will be issued on 30 April 2015 (latest information). It will be a single miniature sheet with a stamp on stamp design (something like the Day 2 WYSE MS). Face value RM 3.00.

Penny Black

Penny Black??? Without Penny Black, we will not be collecting stamps! Here is a good write-up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Black

UK’s The 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

Meanwhile, if you want a matching FDC from UK, check out Royal Mail. The UK issue is on 06 May 2015.


You can order from Royal Mail on the day of issue “online”. FDCs are NOT available for online order after 06 May 2015!

However, the UK FDC will be printed with your name and address. Thus I will not be taking shared orders for this item as the FDCs will all be printed with my name and…

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