ASEAN 2015 Summit Commemorative Coins to be issued on 27 April 2015

As usual, a last minute announcement was issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) that the ASEAN 2015 Summit coins will be available for sale on 27 April 2015 (that is this morning). Well if you are following this site, you can still make it to Sasana Kijang (if you are in the Klang Valley).

Here is the price list with the impact of GST!

ASEAN 2015 Coins Price List

This issue will not be as “hot” as the others. Anyway it will be good to combine this with the ASEAN Chairmanship stamp issue of 27 January 2015:

Since most were caught unaware, the place is soooooooo quiet. The BEST thing is that BNM has started a queue system. Gosh, for such an important institution, it sure took a many years to realise this!

It works this way.

1. At 07:30 am go to the queue tag counter.

2. Collect queue tag with a number of course!

Queue tags

3. Loiter around aimlessly or proceed to the waiting hall and wait for 09:00 am!


4. Your number will be called in blocks of 10.

5. Proceed out to buy your items.

Simple and Neat! This is much more civilized and comfortable. Kudos to BNM (or the person who thought it up)!

For early birds, here are best prices:

Pack of 10:

Single Coin card:

Set of 2:

Updates for the day:

Since the news came out too late, there was a lack of crowd. The major dealers went round and round until they ran out of steam (or funds). By 11:15 am, BNM released the limit of 1 set per person and it was as many as you want! Guess what, the major dealers left quite soon seeing that there was no crowd.

Surprisingly at 11:45 am a small crowd was forming, maybe those who came out early for lunch to pick up a set or two. No one left disappointed. BNM put up a notice that the sale will close at 03:00 pm.

So there you have it, the real (lack of) action in today’s issue.

Great point: No need to queue, very civilized and comfortable, very good queue system!

Low point: Give early notice or else no one know what is coming out.

If you do not want to miss out on collector’s info (sorry to me FDCs are more exciting than coins) and the occasional coins info, just “Follow” this website.



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