Thaipex 2015: A glimpse of the ASEAN Community Joint Stamp Issue

What has Thaipex got to do with Malaysia? Well we are all in ASEAN and finally I get to see all the actual stamps.

Thaipex 2015 is pretty interesting for me as the exhibition and sales close at 08:00 pm at night! No rush!


The leaves me enough time to drop by and browse through after work! Now this is what I really like. Though language is a problem, there were plenty of helpful people (staff and volunteers) to translate!

Best of all, I get to see all the 10 ASEAN Community stamps!


And the pictorial cancellations!


The booths were a bit quite as it was nearing closing time.


Here are the dealer’s booths with the daily cancellation posting box at the far end.


A performance had just finished moments ago, here is the main stage.


Here are the daily cancellations for the exhibition.


Meanwhile, here is my sales plug. ASEAN (with Malaysia) related items:


1. ASEAN Journey postcard with Malaysia (KLCC) cancellation:


2. ASEAN Journey cover with Malaysia (KLCC) cancellation:


3. ASEAN flowers full sheet Mint:


4. ASEAN costumes and children Mint:


5. ASEAN costumes and greetings full sheet Mint:


6. ASEAN transportation full sheet Mint:

I also finally completed my Thailand – Malaysia joint issue.

Joint issue MS FDC Thailand

1. I have one spare with the cancellations in this position for bidding (sample picture of the back):


I have a few types of designs and one autographed joint cover.

2. Joint covers on Malaysia’s envelope:



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