ASEAN Community in Malaysia!

The morning started off with the regulars. They came earlier in anticipation that the full sheets will sell out. Single stamp issues have always been popular in Malaysia.

Pos Malaysia decided to open the counter earlier at about 8:15 am. This enabled the queue to thin down rather quickly. By 10:25 am the place was getting quiet. Most of those making stacks were for posting across ASEAN – which is a good sign. There were many making postcards and maxicards.

I was off to Putrajaya, the location of the ASEAN Secretariat.

There was a person engrossed on stamping his items (books, covers, etc.) with the pictorial cancellation. The envelopes were sold out. However loose stamps and clipped sheets were still available.

I had quite a lot of covers to post. I thought it would be memorable and special to post from Putrajaya to my friends.

20150808 Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya ASEAN Community

There seems to be an error in the map shown inside the brochure. Papua New Guinea was shown as part of Indonesia. Brunei looks a bit too small.




3 thoughts on “ASEAN Community in Malaysia!

  1. I was expecting people would throng Kota Kinabalu GPO yesterday because of the release, I was wrong!

    I was the first buyer and happily took my time to affix the stamp and postmark. Perhaps they were more interested with the Thailand release? 😛

    1. I was really surprised in the GPO yesterday morning. Some big buyers were there anticipating a big crowd but turned out after 15 minutes, the queue disappeared.

      We should have had some event or even designer appearance as we are the Chairman for this session of ASEAN.


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