Updated: 09 October 2015 World Post Day 2015

The next issue is the World Post Day. The issue will only comprise of a single 60 sen stamp. The stamp comes in a sheetlet of 20 stamps. A folder will also be issued.

World Post Day 2015 FDC

This is not the first stamp issue for the World Post Day. Many thanks to Austin Foo for the information. Previously Pos Malaysia had issued postcards, souvenir envelopes, Pre-Stamped Envelopes, cachets and cancellations.

A nice postmark is Merbok.

Updated 08 October 2015:

Apparently Pos Malaysia is planning a postal slogan at the National Mail Centre.

Pos Malaysia notice on postal slogan 09 October 2015

I suppose you are wondering how to get this postal slogan….

1.  All mail within the Klang Valley except Putrajaya is processed through the National Mail Centre.

2. If you are staying in the vicinity of the Klang Valley of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, write your address on the first day cover envelope with pencil.

3. Stick the stamp as usual.

4. Tuck in the flap of the envelope so that it will not get jammed during processing. If you do not do this….your envelope will be handstamped with the circular cancellation and for once, you really do not want this!

5. Drop the FDC into the nearest post box.

6. Cross your fingers that your letter is processed on the same day!

Yes, it is that simple! Good luck!




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