Do You Want a Free posted World Post Day FDC?

No joke, no gimmick. Just a way to thank the regular readers and eBay users.

I will send you a posted World Post Day FDC from Kuala Lumpur to hopefully let you obtain the slogan cancellation from the National Mail Centre.

Pos Malaysia notice on postal slogan 09 October 2015

Terms and conditions:

1. For non-Klang Valley Malaysian address only.

2. Only available on eBay: It is free but eBay need to put a minimum price of RM 1.00. I will not be charging you.

3. First come, first clicked.

4. Restricted to 1 FDC per person. If you click more than 1, I will cancel your request and you will get nothing.

5. Check that your address is correct on eBay or else ……

6. The slogan cancellation is not done by me, thus you will receive what Pos Malaysia postmark on the FDC. If there is any delay and the mail is not picked up, then it is what it is.

7. If the mail is processed the next day, so sorry, nothing I can do. Keep for memory 🙂

8. If it is damaged, soiled or folded, it is what a posted cover is. That is why I dislike posted covers.

9. If it is lost in mail, there is nothing I can do.

Happy World Post Day!



4 thoughts on “Do You Want a Free posted World Post Day FDC?

  1. Hi, I am interested, I click into the link and saw this message:

    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

    1. Hi, the morning mail to the National Mail Centre was collected at a little after 10:00 am. At that time I closed the offer as it would be unlikely to get the slogan postmark in the afternoon collection. Hope you stay tuned for future news. Thank you for reading myfdc.


  2. Hi Sky,

    A surprise to me when received your free posted fdc,

    Yesterday, I was reading your post while waiting for my colleague for dinner. I told myself I am going to miss this fdc with special cancellation postmark. When I reached home, I was so happy to see the fdc on the table. However, the fdc was getting into machine 03. 😦

    Really appreciate you. Thanks.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Tan!

      I also ended almost all from Machine 03. I was lucky with a few in Machine 01 but a few pieces. They were posted elsewhere. I thought they would be late.

      Very very hard to get 😦


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