Does the Postal Slogan Exist?

Yes it actually does exist. However the chances of getting the FDC into Machine “01” is quite by chance.

The special one day slogan cancellation was only used on Machine “01”. I am unable to verify if Machine “02” has the slogan….however it is confirmed that Machine “03” does not have the slogan. If anyone has the Machine “02” cancellation, I would appreciate your information.

Sadly the mail from the various post boxes in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office all ended up in Machine “03”.

Here is a comparison of real posted items with and without the slogan. However those with slogan was far and few in between.

Comparison of Machine 01 and 03

If you managed to get the slogan cancellation, you are indeed very lucky.

Lastest information is that the “World Post Day” slogan is still available on some mails dated 12 October 2015 on Machine “01”.



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