Updated 02 November 2015: Stamp Week 2015

The upcoming Stamp Week 2015 will be held in the KL GPO from 27 October – 02 November 2015. This time the poster featured only a single 60 sen stamp. Here are the products.

Stamp Week 2015 products list

Meanwhile, here are the events and giveaways with the purchase treshold.

Stamp Week 2015 programme

Here are the images of the daily cancellations:

Minggu Setem 2015 Daily Cancellation_FAOL

Updated 28 October 2015:

I was a bit tied up yesterday. Overall this year’s Stamp Week is probably the weakest due to the sudden change in the stamps being issued. The day started off with no more than 10 regulars. However the sale was brisk. News from other states indicated that the cancellation did not arrive in many places.

The e-poster was changed to show the stamp being cancelled by the first day cancellation rather than the cachet. However, the actual first cancellation was different than the one shown above. This is to accommodate the name of the location in different states.

The dealers were setting up from before 08:30 am. There were 3 regulars – Mr Govin, Mr Abdullah and T&Y (Bentong). A dealer from India also joined in. There was also a PSM booth. The rest were Pos Malaysia agencies.

Every purchase of RM 50 was entitled to a free Setemku customized sheetlet. You need to supply a photo to get the sheetlet printed. A special Setemku ready made sheetlet was only released late in the evening.

Today, the Stamp Week 2015 passports arrived. Stocks are limited as the printer is still printing the balance of the order.


Updated 02 November 2015:

The Stamp Week 2015 finally concluded today with not much fanfare. The week saw bus loads of students streaming into GPO. Apart from this, a Zoo Negara collaboration Stamp Booklet which was not related to the Stamp Week was released on 30 October 2015 (refer to a separate blog post on this). This gave some excitement. I managed to make a Booklet FDC.

20151030 KL Zoo Negara Booklet FDC

Today started off with a manageable group of dealers and collectors making the 7 days cancellation FDC.


Here is a snapshot of the dealers’ stalls.


I hope you managed to make the cover that you want. Stay tuned for the next issue.



6 thoughts on “Updated 02 November 2015: Stamp Week 2015

    1. Hi Bryan,

      I suppose the Stamp Week 2015 FDC is a must and the Zoo Negara stamp booklet. Purchases of every RM 50 will get you a free Setemku. You can Bluetooth your photo using your handphone. Every RM 5 will get you a Passport.

      I think Govin’s stall is great to find some real treasures.


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