Updated 27 October 2015: Win a FDC at 200,00 views! Any winners?

myfdc will be hitting 200,000 views in these 3 days! As per previous milestones, I will give away a Stamp Week 2015 FDC will everyday’s cancellation free of charge (free postage too)!

To win, you only need to be the 199,999 , 200,000 or 200,001 viewer!

You can only win one FDC even if you happen to hit all 3 viewer milestones.


1. Scroll down and look at the right side to locate the page view.

2. If you are viewer number 199,999 ,  200,000 0r 200,001 , just take a screenshot of the view counter and email to me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

No catch, just simple fun for the readers!

Happy reading!

Updated 27 October 2015:

Did anyone hit the 199,999 , 200,000 or 200,001 view counter? If yes, do remember to email me your screen shot! I will send you a free Stamp Week FDC with all 7 days cancellations!



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