30 October 2015: Stamp Booklet in collaboration with Zoo Negara

A Stamp Booklet in collaboration with Zoo Negara will be issued tomorrow 30 October 2015.


This stamp booklet contains just 5 x 60 sen stamps (RM 3.00) from the Flowers Definitive series. There is an additional stub that acts as a RM 5.00 Zoo Negara adult entrance ticket discount voucher valid until 31 December 2016. This stamp booklet will be on sale in 66 main post offices. However the leaflet only named the KL GPO, Shah Alam GPO and PosBox Bangsar South leaving out the other 63. I do know that Kelana Jaya will be selling the booklet tomorrow. Images of the booklet apparently sold today (29 October 2015) is believed to have been making its rounds in cyberspace in private groups.

Here is a sneak preview of the booklet.

Stamp Booklet Zoo Negara Preview

I think this is a great product for tourists. They can use the stamps for mail and the voucher for the Zoo. For locals, those who plan to visit Zoo Negara, it is an additional bonus. However I noticed locals hardly send letters.

Updated 30 October 2015:

Hmmm, interestingly found a colour variant.

Comparison of the colour shades: Red at the bottom (normal) and Pink at the top (variant).


Did you manage to get the booklet?



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