Next issue: 25 February 2016 Johor Definitive

The next issue is the Johor Definitive. This is planned on 25 February 2016. There will be a special miniature sheet for SODA members again! You can clearly see the direction that Pos Malaysia is taking to increase the SODA membership. If you still cannot get the message, I think you should ask your collecting buddy.

Anyway you can still make it as the planned cut off is on 10 February 2016 (tentative and subjected to changes). Please do not assume an online funds transfer means your account is immediately topped up. Give a call to the friendly Philatelic Bureau team to check.

The definitive issue will have the following:

  1. Stamps with the following denomination: 10 sen, 20 sen, 30 sen, 40 sen, 50 sen and 60 sen
  2. Miniature Sheet of RM 5.00

Image? Not available at the moment. It will be available when it is allowed to be available.

Me???, I will skip the queue this time. I have my orders secured in SODA.



5 thoughts on “Next issue: 25 February 2016 Johor Definitive

  1. Thats correct about SODA balance and topup. I encounter that problem recently and didnt get my trains..sob sob..i called them until they recognise me via phone.hihi

  2. How are you getting on? Just a thought : can all those philatelic items that are only made available to SODA holders considered as illegitimate philatelic items since these were NOT available freely at all post offices — contrary to the stamp catalogue listing guidelines. Thank you and best wishes.

    1. I have read about this line of thought that these will not be considered as official mainstream items. In the end it is just philatelic any which way we look at it. Post offices around the world issue such items (e.g. the New Zealand special sheets and stamps for their loyalty programme, HK Post for their tiered spending, etc.). General collectors really do not have much of an avenue to engage Pos Malaysia directly. In the end, I think we should just collect as is and anything else is a added item in our collection.

      Thanks for reading and hope to hear more from you.


      1. Hi, my personal opinion is that the price is rather high for the poor condition. It is genuine and the address exists. Ipoh cancellation is very common. A good condition with Ipoh cancellation is about RM 50 to RM 70.


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