Dance Moves

Yesterday saw drastically lower turnout at GPO KL for the Traditional Dance Series 2 issue compared to the Primates issue. This is not surprising since it is not considered a hot issue. However this issue is very well designed and should have been a winner. The regulars were all there.

SODA members will receive a setenant strip on FDC. The counter sales were individual stamps of 5 designs in sheets of 20s. Since the designs join up nicely, many were caught either sticking from right to left and allowing too much gap thus overlapping the image on the envelope or they stuck in the wrong order!

In the afternoon Dato’ Azman Yusof, the designer dropped by. However, I have already left the GPO. To read about Dato’ Azman take a flash back to WYSE 2014:

Post Offices

Here are some of the concordant post office locations:



Lubok China


Kampung Melayu Subang


Mystery location… need to do some homework….


Many of the post offices no longer want to postmark for collectors and the only way is to mail it. Thus mailing is an option. I think Pos Malaysia should consider bringing back the “KELUARAN HARI PERTAMA” (First Day of Issue) circular metal cancellations just like in the 1960s to the early 2000. This way it will remove all the obstacles and allow collectors to continue to collect postmarks from various post offices. It is a win-win situation for Pos Malaysia and collectors.

The day wrapped up by 09:00 pm due to intermittent rain during the journey and heavy traffic on the way back. That is over 410 km of dance over 13 hours!

Just as I thought the day could not get more exciting, I was alerted (albeit a bit late as I was tired and did not check my messages until late at night…) that there was an error!


Well it is not a major error as it was on the brochure (leaflet). Rejang Be’uh was written as Redang Be’uh. Apparently the after effects of the Islands Series 2 has not rubbed off (Redang is an island)……

Well, had it been on the stamp, we would have an extremely hot issue!!!

20160203 Brochure Error Traditional Dance Series 2



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