That’s Great It’s Friday: 05 December 2014 (Day 5)

Almost done…. after today there is one more day to go.

2 important announcements:

1. KLCC post office is closed tomorrow. So Postcrossing fans and those who collect real posted covers, please send everything today. KLCC post office closes at 06:00 pm.

2. Designer will be here from 12:00 noon.

Looks like another delay. Designer still not in sight by 12:30 pm. New information: 02:30 pm! Go for lunch.

Now I have time to browse some of the exhibits. Does these look familiar?





Sadly we could not get his autograph.

Dato’ Azman Yusof arrived at about 02:35 pm for the autograph session. He is the Royal Artist of Selangor.


Come quickly. There is also a special handstamp from him.

Here are some of his work.


Sadly Allahyarham Abdul Rahim Abdullah passed away recently. He is best remembered for the Malaysian Tri-Nation issue. My condolences.

He has another piece of work on an underwater theme that has yet to be released by Pos Malaysia.


Hmm, Tangkak cancellation will be great but it is an off day in Johor, so I guess a day earlier will be just as good.

Tomorrow is Mak Yong, so Kota Bharu will be great!

By the way, do not forget to check out “I Love KL” booth. The Nepal cancellation as well as US Agency cancellation can be found here!


At about 03:30 pm, Mr. KY Lim made a cameo appearance to get Dato’ Azman’s autograph.


Here is a contest. Pretty nice drawings!



See you all tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “That’s Great It’s Friday: 05 December 2014 (Day 5)

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    1. The name of the dealer is US Agency – it is not USA 🙂

      Cancellation without any stamp – free.

      Cancellation with Nepal stamp (very low stocks) – RM 1.00.


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