The Grand Finale: 06 December 2014 (Day 6)

Just announced: Exhibition closes at 06:00 pm.

BEWARE: Another post with quintessential Malaysian English 🙂

Warning! There is a thief prowling around stealing covers and passports while you are chopping!

Day breaks over KL. Looks downcast and will probably be wet the whole day. This does not stop die hard philatelists or stamp collectors. They would have applied for leave from their spouses or dragged their family along.

At this moment, many are making their way to Mamaks and Kopitiams or just pack something to fill their stomach before heading over to KLCC. Some are heading to the airport or driving from outstation. Even big brother China is reading the postings! Since western hosted blogs are blocked by big brother, that must be a government linked agency. Hopefully big brother will join the fun the next time we have an exhibition.

Passion drives us.

23 years is a long time if any of you still remember the last great bash we had in KL ’92! We had smaller ones but hopefully this is a re-start. Look at Bangkok and Singapore who had good international exhibitions held at closer intervals.

Today is the last day and it will be packed as everyone tries to make all the 6 days’ FDCs in a day.

Travel safe my friends. There is enough time. The event closes at 10:00 pm.


Alright, first things today:

(A) Registration will open at 09:45 am.

(B) This is a list of countries that DO NOT have cancellations:

1. Burundi
2. Canada
3. Republic of Korea
4. Lithuania
5. United States of America

You can get the stamp though.

(C) Not listed in the passport:
1. Belgium – Philately & Jomsristamps
2. Netherlands – Philately & Jomsristamps
3. Bhutan – India French booth
4. Sri Lanka @ India French booth
5. Nepal – I Love KL booth
6. US Agency Trading – I Love KL booth
7. Dreaminder booth private cancellation

(D) These are the official postal cancellations.

1. Malaysia
2. Azerbaijan
3. Bahrain
4. Croatia (handled by PSM)
5. Indonesia
6. Iran
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Kuwait
9. Oman
10. Qatar
11. Singapore
12. Taiwan
13. United Arab Emirates

The others are fancy cancellations.

12:00 noon and Mr Rosnan is here in full costume for the autograph session!


Everyone who came for the autograph session could not resist the chance to take a photo with him.

Important release:

There is a set of the 2013 Terengganu MS – Royal Presentation – perforated and imperforated. Quick grab this! First day of issue was yesterday 05 December 2014 late in the evening (after 07:00 pm) but it was already too late for me as I have gone home.


I have a few listed in

Time to say: See you again! Thank you all and have a safe trip home!

p.s.: I hope you can support me by purchasing some covers. It will help defray my cost of coming and providing proper updates. Items available are listed in eBay. Search under the keyword: WYSE.


How did you find this exhibition? Why not share your thoughts below.

Did you enjoy this series of daily coverage?

Your feedback, brickbats and bouquets are welcome!


11 thoughts on “The Grand Finale: 06 December 2014 (Day 6)

  1. Thank you SKY for the updates and surely for helping with the daily covers.

    I have BIN some of the items from your ebay and surely will need a new invoice for the additional items (ebay: pregyman).

    Thank you and thank you again… Grande grande muchas gracias!

  2. Dear sky2200
    I could NOT locate the awards list anywhere.
    How to know if I have recd any.Medal
    My entry was on PORTUGUESE INDIA

    1. The best is to contact the organiser directly. This is a private website dedicated to Malaysian First Day Covers. Good luck! I hope you win.


  3. It was fun and money well spent! Took my 14 year old niece to teach her about stamps! She went hunting to fill up her passport…very disappointed couldn’t find one for Korea! She must have thought one of the k-pop stars would be at the booth! Yikes! I have enjoyed reading your postings! Thanks so much!!!!

  4. Dear friends,
    Croatia prepared one official special stationery postcard and one special postmark at Zagreb Post Office on December 1, 2014 tribute to MALAYSIA 2014. It is different of the official exhibition cancellation used during the exhibition at PSM booth. If you like I can send you photo of postcard and of postmark.
    Once more I must tell you that Exhibition MALAYSIA 2014 has excellent organisation.
    Kind regards from Croatia,
    Ivan Libric

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