WYSE choice by readers break Viewing Record!

It was indeed a WYSE choice by the readers to pre-read and prepare for Saturday. They get to know the most reasonable parking areas, where to get decently priced food and how to navigate the exhibition.

This cause myfdc to chalk up 766 viewer hits becoming an all time high beating the Malaysia – China 40 Years Diplomatic Relations posting on 02 June 2014 which registered 724 viewers! About 10 of it came from spammers, so all it all a very decent readership in a single day!

Just a note: Between 01 – 06 December 2014 (both dates inclusive), the views hit a whopping 3,428. It shows there are a lot of interest from philatelists on this event.

So the new Top Readers list is now:

1. Preparing for World Youth Stamp Exhibition and Friday’s day report (766)

2. Malaysia – China 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations Pre-Stamped Envelope (724)

3. Obama Visit to Malaysia Pre-Stamped Envelope

4. William and Kate FDC

Hope you have all enjoyed yourselves!

Happy Chopping and have a good rest on Sunday!



2 thoughts on “WYSE choice by readers break Viewing Record!

  1. Hi Sky,

    At the moment, a big thank you goes out to you. Personally, the up-to-date, well thought of and helpful posting were a great help to me (I will speak for myself although I am sure the others would agree as well). It certainly helped me (one with limited time) to plan my “hit-and-run” trips as precise as possible. It was very informative, thank you.
    The exhibition itself was a nicely planned event. Yes, there were some hiccups and some things could have been done better, but managing an event this big is no mean feat. In the overall scheme of things, these hiccups were bearable. It did not taint the experience (again, at least for me).
    I will say that one of the things to top up my experience was the lucky chance of being able to meet you. It was indeed a great pleasure meeting up with you. It is true, your helpful nature (painstakingly explaining the difference between the various cancellations, and the style of your cover cancellations does give you away. Thank yous aside, I look forward to meeting up with you over a nice drink one of these days (drinks will be on me, of course) . Cheers!

    1. Thanks! I am very very happy to meet you and some other readers in person……finally!

      Best comment I received from one reader I met was: “Ah? You are a very simple person…”. I smiled and nodded. I guess most though I will be extremely technical.

      This week I noticed many others are making similar covers that I have thus the line is blurring between my covers and others. That is a good things as one day concordancy will be more common and we can exchange concordant covers rather than having to take leave and drive around the country.

      Hope to catch you again in person! Have a great weekend!


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