Preparing for an Even Bigger Day (Saturday)

Beware: This posting contains words local to Malaysia English!

Saturday will be an even bigger event as many will rush to get the postmarks done. It is also a family day. The outstation dealers will also ask their “agents” to come make the covers that they want – they are rude and usually try to edge others out from using the chops.

Here is a simple checklist:

1. Have a great breakfast! You will probably skip lunch!!!

2. Prepare the same way similar to Day 1.

3. Use public transport if possible as parking is expensive. Bring an umbrella in case it rains.

4. If you are driving find an affordable parking. Refer to the simple map below with the flat rate parking area circled. There is also a DBKL parking along the Kraftangan Malaysia (Jalan Conlay)….that is if you are very early. However parking here is by meter with blocks of 4 hours.

Warning: Look carefully before driving in. The flat rate parking area at Jalan Perak is next to a hourly parking rate area. The entrances are so close that you might drive into the wrong one! You have been advised.

Parking guide in KLCC

5. Collect your Passport, Exhibition Catalogue (if it is still available) and wrist band upon registration.

Here is how you can maximise your time:

1. Go straight to MCMC and collect the exhibition post card (right booth when you enter).

2. Go left to the Pos Malaysia booth and LIKE the Facebook and collect a free gift.

3. Turn the wheel to answer a question (next to the Facebook place) to win another gift (they will help you with the answer).

4. Next to the wheel is a station to fill you a postcard with a question to win something.

5. Go further left to queue to buy the set of 7 MS and envelopes.

6. Go around the corner (clock wise) and you will find the cancellation (chopping) station.

7. Stick your MS. Here is a guide on how to make a nice FDC:

For the last time: YES you can get ALL the 6 days cancellations on Saturday.

8. My advise is apply the cancellations day by day. You will have all the 6 days’ cancellations. Take your time as the place closes at 10:00 pm and it is a Saturday (unless you are rushing to the Big Bad Wolf….). Check which MS for which day…. the Passport list is wrong.

9. Then check out the items related to the exhibition:

10. You might then want to make a Passport. Plan that properly as your passport might become messy.

11. Then check out the dealers around – aim at the types of covers that you want. Check out my daily postings on which dealer sells what. Look out for stock clearances and bargains! It is the last day and usually the foreign dealers will offload their stocks at a discount. However do not expect the good items to be on sale. They have probably sold off.

12. Watch out around 01:00 pm for the designer (if he comes).

See….no time for lunch….. you can go for tea break later. The food prices at the basement level ranges from RM 7.90 to upwards of RM 10.00 excluding drinks.

Hope this is helpful. Any questions, just ask!

Good luck and happy chopping!







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